Hat's off to the entire staff of professionals at your practice, especially Dr. Todd and Christy B. Today I had my braces removed and was fitted for the retainer! I smiled all the way home and I'm still smiling. I fell so fortunate that Dr. Jack Cherin referred me to Dr. Bivins. My only regret is waiting until this point in my life to finally consider orthodontia. I am so pleased with the results and will continue to recommend your practice to my friends and colleagues! Thank you, Thank you! There's no finer group of dental professionals in my opinion!

Lori Acker

You are the best

I am a lucky Mom to have found an orthodontist that will go the extra smile.

Yes, smile! At Dr. "Todd" Bivins office you will feel that warm and inviting atmosphere as soon as you enter the office with a kind, friendly, and courteous staff. With up to the minute technology, my two sons have beautiful smiles because of Dr. Bivins professional care. They have great hours and will accommodate any schedule. I have recommended Dr. Bivins to many friends because I truly believe in him! This is his passion and you will see it come through in his work. Thank you Dr. Todd, you are the best!

Kathleen K.

Dr. Todd and Staff,

Words cannot express how thankful I am that you all allowed me the opportunity to shadow in the office this summer! I had an incredible experience getting to know everyone while learning about the field of orthodontics. Each and every one of you took the time to teach me and explain the details of various ortho treatments. I truly walked away with a wealth of knowledge about the career. I am so excited to continue at VCU next semester, and I am looking forward to applying to dental school! I will keep you all updated on my progress throughout my application process, because this shadowing experience affirmed my desire to pursue dentistry. I am so thankful, and I look forward to returning to the office in the future!

Kaitlyn P.

Dear Dr. Todd,

I was going through some old pictures and found a picture of Kaitlyn prior to her braces and orthodontic treatment. I believe she was one of your first patients back in 2003.

Just thought it would be fun for you and your staff to see what a difference your work and expertise has made.

Kaitlyn will be graduating from Hickory in June 2013 and will be playing NCAA Division I Volleyball at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ in the fall.

Thank you for all your help!

Most Sincerely,
Nancy and Mike

Before I had my braces, I never really smiled. My confidence wasn't how it was supposed to be. I’ve always covered my smile, and I felt ashamed. Walking into the office for the first time and talking about my treatment really made me feel like there was some type of hope for me. I was very anxious and excited to better my smile. The people there are amazing. They always had a smile on their face. That gave me hope to start my new smile. The treatment was very easy, and pain free. Two years go by, and I have the best smile in the world. I can’t stop smiling. Everywhere I went and go; people tell me that I have a contagious smile. My smile is beautiful and it gave me sooo much confidence in myself. Thanks Dr. Todd and staff. I really love you guys.

Bianca C.

Dear Dr. Todd and Staff,

I really thought you should know how pleased we have been with you and your wonderful orthodontic techs. We are near the end of treatment with our second child and both have had an excellent experience. We really love how convenient your hours are during school time. Your front desk is always helpful rebooking even when we have to cancel and reschedule at the last minute.

Austin has made a real bond with his favorite assistant Christy and you always make sure he is comfortable and understands all the procedures over the past 2 years. We always love to tell people you take care of our teeth… thank you again for doing a great job sincerely,

Judy L.

Dear Dr. Bivins & Staff,

It's amazing how in just 2 years Artemis' smile transformed from nice to Spectacular! It is with great pride that I recommend you to my friends and co-workers.

Thank you for creating a "State of the Art" smile for Artemis. You are all Super!

Thomea F.

Hey it’s Woo Woo from 94.9 The Point and for almost 4 years I was known as brace face, metal mouth and a handful of other nicknames in elementary and middle school. I wore braces to fix my horrible overbite, and it worked for a little bit! As I got older, I developed what has now become “the Snaggle Tooth.” It’s this crooked, sideways tooth that ruins every picture and sticks out like a sore thumb. I hate it!! Thankfully — with the help of Dr. Bivins and Bivins Orthodontics… we are waving goodbye to the Snaggle Tooth. And even better — we’re doing it without METAL braces. Yep — I’m proudly wearing my Invisalign to fix the Snaggle. My experience with Bivins Orthodontics has been a dream come true. The entire staff is the friendliest I’ve ever met. The office is bright and welcoming and they truly want the best for you and your teeth. I can honestly say that Dr. Bivins is the only doctor I actually look forward to visiting! And that’s not just because of the free Starbucks.

My first visit to the dentist was at an early age and I did not know how it would be. Are you strapped down or even caged? My thoughts were wild and free. I found a place that's full of love. Dr. Todd and his staff are there, special people sent from above. That’s how I felt; they really care. So I tell my friends of Judy, Patty, Joni and all the rest, "If you need work on your teeth, Dr. Todd is the best!"

Emily H.

Dear Dr. Bivins & Staff,

Thank you so much for the beautiful smile you have given to Corey and Chelsea for the past 8 years that they have been your patients. We are often asked how they got such beautiful teeth and we say "we owe it all to Dr. Todd." We have and will continue to recommend your practice to others.

Your staff is warm, caring, and professional. From the time you come in you feel welcome. All the team takes interest in the patients. We value you professionally and personally. Thanks for everything!

Pam S.