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Your braces treatment gave you a bright, beautiful smile; now, it’s time to ensure you keep that smile forever! Wearing retainers is the best way to follow through with all of the hard work you’ve put in so far. Without them, your teeth will shift back to their original, pre-treatment positions.

Orthodontic retainers are vital for treatment, no matter which issues or goals you have.

At Bivins Orthodontics, we work with each of our patients to transition smoothly from braces to retainers and help you choose the right type for you.

What is a Retainer, and What Does It Do For Your Teeth?

A retainer is a personalized device made from plastic or metal that helps keep your teeth in their new, proper alignment. They help retain the new positions in a very similar way to braces, keeping light pressure on your teeth so they don’t shift out of place.

As you grow and age, shifting is a natural occurrence for your teeth and bite. When you go through braces treatment, the goal is to fix any orthodontic issues and create a healthy alignment that will prevent future issues. By wearing a retainer consistently and as directed, you can prevent severe shifting and keep your healthy smile.

When you come to our Chesapeake office to start retention treatment, Dr. Bivins will take digital scans of your teeth to get a complete map of your alignment and bite. Then, the retainer you choose is made for you based on your unique bite. Be sure to follow the instructions you receive on how often to wear your retainers and for how long. At the beginning of treatment, you’ll likely be required to wear your retainers as much as possible, and that will reduce during treatment until you only need to wear them at night.

Types of Retainers Available At Bivins Orthodontics

Retainers are simply the next step of your smile journey; no matter what your goals are or what your budget is, there’s an option that will work for you or your child. At Bivins Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer three types of retainers to our patients of all ages: Hawley, Essix, or fixed retainers. Dr. Bivins will cover each type when you come to our office and work with you to choose the right type for you, your desired comfort levels, and your unique orthodontic needs. Each type has its own maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are fully removable and made of a combination of metal wires and sturdy acrylic. It’s designed to keep your teeth in place and specially made from impressions of your teeth so it fits snuggly and comfortably in the roof of your mouth. The wires and acrylic framing keep your teeth in perfect position. Plus, the acrylic can be personalized with many colors and patterns.

The Hawley retainer is known for being easy to repair and adjust. They should be removed when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.

Essix Retainers

Essix retainers are clear plastic retainers with no metal wires or acrylic pieces. They fit over the entire arch of teeth, are fully removable, and are virtually invisible. This type of retainer is very popular for those looking for a more discreet retention option. The plastic material is thin but very durable and easy to wear.

The Essix retainer is easy to put in and take out, and requires fewer adjustments and office visits than other retainer types. However, if your Essix retainer does warp or break, it will need to be fully replaced.

Fixed Retainers

If you’re looking for something you don’t need to remember to put in, fixed retainers might be the right choice for you. Sometimes called bonded lingual retainers, fixed retainers are bonded directly to the inside of your teeth. It’s just as important to keep them clean as it is with removable retainers, and it does take a little bit more effort and care to clean them properly.

While you can get fixed retainers on both your upper and lower teeth, it’s very common for patients to get a fixed retainer on their lower teeth and a removable retainer on their upper teeth.

When taken care of properly, fixed retainers can last up to 10 years due to their durability. If your fixed retainer breaks at any time during the retention phase, please do not adjust it yourself. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment.

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Keep Your Teeth Straight Forever With Retainers from Bivins Orthodontics!

No matter what your needs are or what your budget is, there’s a comfortable retainer option here for you at Bivins Orthodontics. Dr. Bivins and our staff will work with you to create the perfect retention plan. We’ve helped thousands of patients with their retainers for over 20 years.

Retainers are a vital part of your orthodontic treatment and can’t be skipped during your smile journey. Keeping your teeth healthy and properly aligned is a lifelong task! If you have any questions or concerns about retainers or any other orthodontic topic, we’re here to help. Call us at 757-546-3888 or email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to help you keep your beautiful smile forever!